Become an Instructor

Why become an instructor?

As a driving instructor, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours, where you work, and how much you want to earn.
There’s plenty of progression and pathways than just teaching learners.
It’s also very rewarding helping someone to achieve and continue a life skill!

Are you eligable to become an instructor?

  • You need to have driven for 3 years and be over 21 years of age
  • You need to apply here to inform the DVSA
  • You’ll need a criminal record check and background check here

What is the process?

  • Contact us! We’ll be able to guide you every step of your journey to kick-start your new career!
  • Once you’ve been accepted and approved, you can apply to take your Part 1 test. P1 is an extended theory test with 100 questions. More info here
  • Once passed, you can apply for your P2 test. This is a test of your driving ability. More info here.
  • When passed the P2, P3 can be booked. P3 is a test of your instructional ability. More info here.
    During your training for P3, you might want some actual experience with teaching learner drivers. For this, you’ll need a PDI badge to deliver lessons for money.

Why chose us?

  • We deliver all of your training in-car

Once you’ve completed your Part 1, you can focus on driving like an instructor for your Part 2.
Part 2 training is 6-10 hours typically, dependant on your needs.
Part 3 training is 40 hours, and usually you’ll do up to 80 hours total with self-study!

  • We offer training at a competitive price

Prices per hour (Pay as you go) = £40
One – off payment P2 = £380* (10 hours) DISCOUNT of £20
One – off payment P3 = £1500* (40 hours) DISCOUNT of £100
One – off P2 and P3 combined = £1550* DISCOUNT of £450!
*Tests are not included in price
Terms and Conditions here

  • Provide you with the knowledge to pass first time in all 3 parts of the training
  • Give you the training without any contracts binding you to work for us afterwards

Once you’ve passed P3, you can choose to work with KTDK, or go your own way! It’s up to you.

Where do you train?

Training is provided around Canterbury and within a 10 mile radius.

How much do instructors earn?

Depending on how much you work and charge, it varies dramatically.
Have a look at what instructors are charging in the area for an idea.

Within the first few months, you could earn the cost of your training back, and more!

If this sounds good, enquire today!